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Messages: Sending a Text Message

Send Text Message

Selecting Send Text Message from the menu bar allows you to select the keywords and members you would like to receive your message. The next step is then to either send the message out right away or schedule the message for future delivery.

The first step when getting ready to send out a message is to select the keyword and associated members that you would like your message to be sent to.


You can also select the option to send to multiple keywords


After selecting your keyword any interests that have been created under the keyword will now be visible in the interests area. You can now select the interest(s) that you would like your message sent to.


You may send your message to all members of a keyword (default) or modify your recipient list to send to a subset of your members.

Send Message All

Selecting Modify the list of recipients for this message: opens a window where specific members can be selected or filters can be created and saved for future use.

Send Message Modify

Filters are available by clicking on show filters which will then display the current and saved filters.

Send Message Modify Filters

Once you have determined who you will be sending the message to you can now send your message immediately (default) or schedule your message for future delivery.

Send Message Now

To schedule your message for future delivery you will need to select the date and time that you would like the message to be delivered. Scheduled message can be deleted by selecting Messages in the top menu bar under Mobile. This will display the scheduled message and in the actions column is an option to delete the message.

Send Message Now

The next step is to create your message. The title field is a descriptive field for your internal purposes only and is helpful for locating messages in the future. All messages do have a date and time stamp so if you are sending multiple messages daily the Title can come in handy for locating specific messages in the future.

The Message field is where you will type the actual message that will be delivered to the members you have chosen to send the message to.

Send Message

Your message will also be displayed in the preview message phone to the left of the message text box.


After previewing your message, select Send Message. A confirmation window will appear including your list of recipients. Following your confirmation, the message will be sent out either immediately or at the date and time you scheduled delivery.

Send Message
Send Message