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Developers & API: Overview

The Opt It Mobile API is a REST-based API used to programmatically integrate with your Opt It Mobile account. It exposes key functionality to allow developers access to Opt It Mobile methods and data.

Please read Getting Started to learn more about the basics of integrating with the Opt It Mobile API.


The following REST-based resources are available:


  • Get a list of keywords
  • Get an individual keyword
  • Check the availability of a keyword
  • Add a new keyword
  • Update a keyword


  • Get a list of interests for a keyword
  • Get an individual interest for a keyword
  • Create an interest


  • Get a list of members
  • Get an individual member


  • Get a list of subscriptions for a keyword
  • Get an individual subscription for a keyword
  • Create a subscription for a keyword

Interest Subscriptions

  • Get a list of subscriptions for an interest
  • Create a subscription for an interest
  • Delete a subscription in an interest


  • Unsubscribe a member from all keywords
  • Unsubscribe a member from an individual keyword

Send Message

  • Send a text message to one or more members
  • Send a text message to one or more keyword subscription lists
  • Send a text message to one or more interest subscription lists

Event Notifications

The following notifications are available via HTTP Post to get real-time event updates:

  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • SendMessage

Inbound(MO) Message Forwarding

Forward messages to one or more of the following destinations:

  • SMS to mobile phone
  • Email address
  • Opt It Inbox
  • Web Address/URL via HTTP POST