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Keywords & Campaigns: Keyword Types: Contest

The Contest keyword type allows you to run a contest. The contest can be scheduled to start and end on specific days or times and includes messaging for all aspects of the contest including winning and losing messages and pre and post contest messaging. One contest can be setup at a time for each keyword.

When someone participates in a contest you can also integrate a subscription type keyword into the messaging so that contest participants can opt-in for future messaging.

The different contest fields are described below:

Contest Name

Enter the name of the current contest.

Contest Description

Describe the contest for internal purposes.

Contest Start Date and Time

Enter the date, time and time zone indicating when your contest will begin.

Contest End Date and Time

Enter the date and time that your contest will end.


Entries per Phone Number

Select whether contest entries will be unlimited or limited to a certain number per contest, hour, day, week or month.

Winner Selection

Indicate whether winner selection will be handled manually, or automatically. If automatically, select whether there will be a single winner with a specified entry number, a certain number of responders or a specified interval of responders. (For example, every 5th person to respond might be a winner.)


Pre-contest Response

Use this message to let members know that the contest has not staretd yet.

Post-contest Response

Use this message to let contest members know the contest has ended.

General/Losing Response

Use this message to let contest members know they have either not won the contest (automated winner) or that their entry was received (manual winner).

Winning Response

Use this message to let winners know they have won the contest and how to redeem their prize.

Already Entered Response

Use this message to let contest members know they have already reached the limit of entries per contest period.