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At Opt It we pride ourselves on working with our clients to help them understand the mobile landscape and how SMS or text messaging can be used to drive business results. With any new industry there are going to be questions about how to do things correctly to achieve maximum results.

The most important item is to make sure that anytime you are going to be sending a message to any phone number that you have gotten permission to send a text message to that mobile number. Sending unsolicited text messages is against the law and at Opt It we have a zero tolerance policy for sending unsolicited text messages. It is for this reason that we are very strict about numbers being loaded or added into accounts and will be looked at on a case by case basis.

The Opt It Mobile Platform has been developed to adhere to the best practices that have been put in place by the carriers and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association). The Opt It Mobile platform handles all subscribes and unsubscribes in real time along with using mobile activation and deactivation reports to help our customers manage their members database with ease.

Billing is done on the 25tht of the month. If your account is not current on the 5th of the month following the billing cycle then your account will be deactivated until your account is current.

If there are any questions about any of these policies please contact us with any questions that you have.