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Here are some tips to help you get the most from your Opt It Mobile account:

  1. Use your website: Inject your website with information about your text message campaign by inserting a call to action. Here's an example of a call to action:
  2. Text SAMPLE to 46786 to receive today's special offer of the day.

  3. Sign Up Form Widget: Integrate the Sign Up Form Widget into your website so people can join your mobile community directly from your website. By using the Sign Up Form Widget you will also be able to gather additional demographic information on your members.
  4. Create Signage: Create signage and flyers similar the ones below to let people know about your mobile promotions and how to get involved. If people do not know about your program they will not be able to sign up.
  5. Email: Send an email blast about your text message marketing plan describing what capabilities you now have (coupons, contests, special offers, etc.)
  6. Train your staff: Make sure that your "feet on the street" know all about your text message campaign and are promoting it with your customers every day. The people who know your business and regularly engage your customers should be introducing them to your new promotional or communication programs to help build your database of members.