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Inbox: Using Your Inbox


The Inbox is used in conjunction with the keyword type forward. Messages may be forwarded to the Inbox in order to be tracked, stored and exported. The Inbox displays an icon indicating whether or not a message has been read, a date and timestamp, keyword, phone number and message information.


A message in the Inbox with a red border around the envelope indicates that the message has not been read. An envelope with a white border has been read.

Use the dropdown at the bottom of the Inbox to select a message action. Select one or more messages to delete, mark as read, mark as unread or reply to.

The Inbox is refreshed every 90 (ninety) seconds to continually update any incoming messages.

The Actions column allows you to delete or reply to a selected message. Selecting Delete prompts a confirmation window to appear. Upon your confirmation, the selected message will be deleted.

Selecting Reply enables you to reply to the incoming message. Learn more about replying to messages in Replying to Messages help section.