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Members & Interests: Manage Members

Manage Members

Selecting Manage Members allows you to control all aspects of your member database. By selecting a specific member, you may view their message history, update their demographic information and add them to keywords and interests by using the options in the actions column. you can also order the results in different ways using the options available in the order results by: drop down menu.

Members table

The phone status column lets you know the current status of the mobile number. There are multiple statuses including:

  • Active
  • Carrier Deactivated
  • Carrier Blacklist
  • Carrier Unknown
  • Unsubscribed

The Actions column is where you manage your member data. There are multiple options in the Actions column which will describe below:

    Edit Member - Edit all member information including demographic data, keywords and interests.

    Edit Member
    Edit Member
    Messages - View all messages sent to this member.

    Edit Member
    Keywords - Assign or remove keywords for the selected member.

    Edit Member
    Interests - Assign or remove interests for the selected member.

    Edit Member
    Send text message - send a onetime text message to the selected member.

    Edit Member
    Delete - Delete the selected member.

    Edit Member