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Developers & API: Inbound(MO) Message Forwarding

Inbound messages (MO - Mobile Originated) can be forwarded based on two variables. The desination(s) where you want the message forwarded and which messages for a particular keyword you want forwarded.

Forwarding Rules

Forwarding is setup per keyword and based on one of the following three rules:

  1. All messages for a keyword are forwarded.
  2. Only Direct Replies to a message for this keyword are forwarded.
  3. Nothing for this keyword is forwarded.

Forwarding Destinations

Forwarding can be set up to forward incmoing messages (MO) to one or many of the following four locations.

  • SMS to your mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Opt It Inbox
  • Web Address/URL via HTTP POST

HTTP POST Details:

Because of the time-sensitive nature of SMS, it is important that your web site always be available. Failed messages will be retried according to configured retry logic. To increase message throughput, acknowledge the post before processing it.


  • message - the SMS message that was received and is associated to your short code/keyword.
  • short_code - the short code where the inbound message was sent.
  • message_date - the date and time the message was received. Format: yyyymmddhhmmss
  • phone_number - the ten digit phone number that sent the incoming SMS message.
  • keyword - the keyword that the message is associated.
  • keyword_id - the keyword_id of the keyword the message is associated. It is the ID attribute in the Keyword entity and can be viewed using the Get Keyword method.
  • uuid - the unique id of the message post used for tracking purposes.


Currently, the only way to setup forwarding of incoming messages is to email support at optit.com with the following information:

  1. Company name and username associated with your account.
  2. The keyword to setup the forwarding on.
  3. The forwarding rule - you can only have one forwarding rule per keyword that will apply to all destinations for this particular keyword.
  4. The forwarding destinations - please make sure to include a valid 10 digit US phone number for SMS, a valid email address for Email Address and a valid URL for the Web Address/URL via HTTP POST. You can choose one or many of the destinations.

Sample requests to support would look like this:

  1. Forward ALL messages for keyword KEYWORD1 to email address api at optit.com and to the Opt It Inbox.
  2. Only forward Direct Replies to our URL {insert your website address}.

Note - In the near future, we will be adding a user interface in the Opt It Mobile application so you can setup forwarding yourself.

Dedicated Short Codes:

For dedicated short codes, we can forward all incoming traffic for that short code to a given URL. The forward will be an HTTP POST and send the same exact parameters as forwarding to the Web Address/URL mentioned above.