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About Opt It Mobile: Key Concepts

Take a look at a few terms we think will help along the way.

Short code:

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit number used to send and receive SMS and MMS messages on cellular networks. Companies that use short codes are approved by the carriers to send text messages into their networks. When you sign up for the Opt It Mobile service, all of your messages will be delivered using short codes, ensuring that your message is received by the cellular carriers and delivered to the intended recipient.

There are 2 different types of short codes - shared or dedicated. Shared short codes are used by more than one company to send and receive their text messages. Dedicated short codes are used by one company to send and receive their text messages along with providing additional branding, features and control options.

Opt It offers both types of short codes available here .


A keyword is a word that is entered into the body of a text message and sent to a short code. Your customers will text your keyword to participate in your mobile programs. Opt It clients get to choose their own keyword(s) as long as it is available, at least 4 characters long and does not begin with a number. Examples:

Text BRAND (BRAND is the keyword) to 46786 (46786 is the short code) to join your brand's mobile VIP group.

Text SAMPLE (SAMPLE is the keyword) to 46786 (46786 is the short code) to receive today's special offer of the day.

Panera call to action

This is an example of a poster that Panera used as a call-to-action to let guests know how to join their Delicious Delights program.

Mobile Community:

A mobile community is a group of your customers/clients that have opted-in to receive periodic text message from you. Your keyword must be setup as a subscription to allow people to opt-in and join your mobile community. Learn more about setting up your keyword in Manage Keywords help section.


A sub-keyword is a second word following your keyword separated from the keyword by a <space>. Sub-keywords enable you to extend the functionality of your keyword by giving you the ability to have your keyword act in many different ways and support multiple keyword types. You can create an unlimited amount of sub-keywords. Learn more about setting up your keyword in Sub-keywords help section. For example:

Text BRAND LUNCH (LUNCH is the sub-keyword) to 46786 to join our mobile community and receive the lunch specials.


An interest enables you to segment your mobile community and provides the ability to send messages to those smaller groups inside your mobile community. This is equivalent to a sub-group. This is useful for segmenting your list by gender, location, opt-in date, sub-keyword sent in or even for delivering messages to your employees.


A member is your customer, client or member of your audience that has opted-in or joined your mobile community to receive your text messages. Members can opt-out at anytime by replying STOP to any message.


A message is a text message that is sent from the Opt It Mobile software to one of your members or from your members to a short code and received by the Opt It Mobile software to be processed. Messages can only be 160 characters in total length in order to be accepted by the cellular carriers' networks.


A user is you or your employee set up within the Opt It platform.